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Hobes are the glowiest, uncomplicated, effortless and versatile shoe around – a perfect fit for the modern wardrobe and your every day life.

Created by Aussie babe Georgia Hobart, Hobes are quality footwear basics that fit into everyday life with ease. The best in simplicity, these shoes are have become our wardrobe staples. Timeless and classic in style, effortless for everyday and wearable across all seasons, and just so COMFY!

We’re so excited to share that Hobes have launched an all new animal free material. This Non Leather range is also breathable (so important!), water resistant, and washable. Yes, you can put the shoes into a cool gentle machine cycle, and they will come out the other end looking good as new. These shoes are all about sustainability; the Italian manufacturer they use for their raw materials is Oeko-Tex and Reach certified (so the manufacturing process is highly sustainable), and all of the raw materials used are also solvent free. The material is super light (which is so important, since we bring our Hobes on all of our travels), and very soft, yet incredibly durable.

The idea for Hobes was born from an all too familiar scenario in most wardrobes – founder Georgia Hobart (nicknamed 'Hobes' growing up) was struggling to find the perfect pair of flats. They had to be soft, classic in style with beautiful detailing, and above all else, lightweight and versatile for travel. Always on the go, Georgia needed a footwear staple to throw in a tote or overnight bag – which offered a simple shape – transitioning from relaxed during the day to an evening out. From a wardropbe gap, Hobes came to be.

Hobes are a shoe you'll wear everyday, everywhere, for every occasion. With skinny jeans, dresses, to the beach, on our city travels, and more. They fold flat into our linen dustbags, and take up next to no space when we travel –so they are literally perfect to bring on all your adventures, every getaway, each holiday, or sojourn.

HOBES // hobes.co

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Georgia Hobart


Most people call me G. Hobes was my nickname as a kid though ☺ 


Founder / CEO  @ Hobes

Where did you grow up:

A small seaside town about an hour and a half out of Melbourne (Australia)

Where do you live:

Currently, New York, but I am toying with the idea of a move to LA.

When you're eating healthy, what is typical...


Lemon and honey in hot water to start the day. Then coffee ( usually 2 coffees) before I can communicate). Then at least 4-5 mornings a week it’s eggs. Either an omelet with some veggies and grainy toast, or poached eggs. Otherwise I am a true Aussie and still lovevegemite on toast (with avocado on top of the vegemite – don’t judge until you’ve tried!) I usually always have some mixed berries in the morning / mid morning too. Blueberries and Raspberries i basically could live on. 


Salad of some sort, if I am in NYC on the go, it’s sweetgreen with some protein, lots of greens, lots of herbs and seeds, must have something crunchy on the top. 


Ideally, BBQ fish. But i don’t have a BBQ, i mean no one in NYC does. So if I am at home, it’s quite often a quick cook of whatever vegetables are in the fridge. I love cooking with Asian flavours so I always have in the cupboard some rice noodles, nori, black sesame seeds miso, tamari, etc. add all of this to some saute vegetables and you are guaranteed something delicious, quick and healthy. 


Is icecream a snack? I try to have a green juice most days. I also don’t have to try, but always do have chocolate at some point each day. And i love baking nut/seed/granola bars to keep in the cupboard (truth, I don’t bake a that often in NYC, but I used to bake in Melbourne a lot more and I am trying to start again) ok, ok, popcorn and chips too. I do love a snack 

What are your favorite spots/restaurants to eat healthy?

I am actually sitting in Lafayette for Breakfast right now. Not super healthy, but always so good. Healthy spots…... Wild Son and Brodo Broth (feel like I am living here at the moment) in the West Village, Dimes and Gohan (obsessed) on the Lower East Side, ABCV in Flatiron, so, so many more..

What is your favorite indulgence?

Dark Chocolate. Always. At the moment I am really into the HU Dark chocolate with vanilla and almond butter

What are your favorite spots/restaurants to indulge?

Did I already say I’m at Lafayette for Breaklfast? Pretty sure that counts as an indulgence..

What would be your last meal on earth?

Definitely something my mother cooked. 

What is the best dish you cook / your favorite recipe?

Ok, not quite a dish, but I make exceptional gingerbread. Each Christmas when I am at home in Australia, my mother and I make a huge gingerbread house and hundreds of gingerbread cookies for friends and families. We have a secret in the recipe.. 

Where do you grocery shop?

Farmers Markets as much as possible, otherwise wholefoods. When in Australia, it’s basically my father’s vegetable garden – it’s huge! He grows everything from rhubabrb, beans, snap peas, tomato’s, arugula, any other kind of lettuce you could want, zucchini, every herb you could name (not kidding) I could go on and on. 

Top 3 items you always have in your kitchen?

1. In the fridge it’s olives, avocado, punets of berries, fresh coconut..
2. In the pantry, it’s mixed seeds, good quality olive oil and some Italian tinned tuna 

What is your fitness regimen? (how often & what you do)

I used to run every day from the age of about 14 to 30. That’s a lot of KM’s. I stopped running a few years back but if I can I still like to exercise each day. Either Yoga (Yoga Vida in NYC is my go to), Swimming (at Chelsea Piers) and once a week I try to get to a Barre Class. I also scoot around the city on my scooter everyday, does that count?!

What is your skincare routine? (Products, facials, etc.)

I have used Caudalie foaming cleaner for years, love it. So first it’s washing my face with that, then in the morning MD Perricone brightening serum, at night, Vitamin serum and either Clarins moisturizer or Dr Jart! Always followed by sunscreen. A few nights a week I also use a M-61 PowerGlow Peel. Have just discovered these and they truly are incredible. 

What are your favorite makeup/natural beauty products?

Nucifera Body Balm – amazing as a healing balm, or to slick on your eye lids. Make up routine is pretty low key. I love Blinc mascara, Glossier Brow Boy and Haloscope

If you were stranded on a desert island, what 3 products would you take with you?

1. Hamiltons Sunscrean
2. A broad brimmed hat
3. A decent book

Most-watched movie?

American Flyers… an 80s cycling movie that my brother and I were obsessed with as kids

Most life-changing book?

Not sure I’ve read it yet

Coolest place you've ever visited?

I’ve done a lot of travel through Europe and Asia, and one of my favorite places in the world is Como Shambala Estate in Ubud Bali. …The most incredible retreat. I’ve just come back from 2 weeks in the Aeolian Islands which I loved, some of those islands still feel very untouched Filacudi, and Alacudi particularly 

What is the best gift you've ever received?

A kitten

Describe your perfect day.

It has to be at a beach, I’m never happier than when I’m at the beach

What is your most valuable glow tip/secret?

Sleep as much as you can

Favorite quote?

“If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.”

I really think humans need to be kinder to each other. There’s enough ugliness in the world, it makes a big difference if you smile at a stranger and stop to ask how someone is doing. 

What are you grateful for?

My family a million times over.

What makes you glow?

The beach, salty water and plenty of sleep.