Go Greek Yogurt

Go Greek Yogurt is one of our favorite places in LA. The deliciousness that goes on here is pretty magical. If you visit the shop, chances are you'll run into a glow girl or two. Go Greek Yogurt is made in Greece and flown directly to us here in Los Angeles. The reason they go through all this trouble is because the yogurt from Greece provides an authentic taste and quality that is just not available here in the States.

Go Greek's yogurt journey started in Athens, Greece. The Greek diet has proven to be an exceptionally healthy approach to eating-- sticking to simple ingredients, focusing on vegetables, lean meats, and healthy fats.

At Go Greek, they strain their yogurt, which removes most of the sugar, leaving the yogurt thick, creamy, and brimming with protein and probiotics. This yogurt has twice as much protein and half as much sodium. With anti-inflammatory and anti-pathogenic properties, the probiotics found in their yogurt actually improves your gut.

We are OBSESSED with their Greek frozen yogurt. Their toppings are life-changing here-- chia seeds, hemp seeds, ground flax, prunes, fresh fruit, dates, and the most lovely preserves imaginable. We are both particularly obsessed with the ROSE & SOUR CHERRY jams... so dreamy. Along with these sweet options, they also offer savory yogurt dishes that include cucumber, olives, tomatoes and more.

Go Greek // www.gogreekyogurt.com

Photography by: Sasha Young