Kor Shots

We are completely addicted to Jordan's refreshing and exhilarating Kor shots. These nutrient packed elixers are the only product to make use of the food preserving technology, High Pressure Processing, which along with a special seal ensures the freshest and highest quality. The seal is especially game changing, as it allows the shots to have a much longer shelf life than any juice on the market. These amazing little treasures are the perfect size -- not a prolonged drink but a quick sip of nourishment and energy-- and they're wildly nutritious.

There are two amazing blends: Wellness and Vitality-- you can't go wrong with either! We actually drink one of each per day and sometimes even pour them into our smoothies before blending for an extra nutritional kick. They also make a nice chaser after a not so nutritious shot of booze. Buy them at Erewhon market or online in bulk!

Kor Shots // www.korshots.com