Kristie Streicher Beauty Bar

KS_Beauty-promo_doubleKristie Streicher has established a reputation as the eyebrow guru with an unmistakeable ingenuity when it comes to shaping and doctoring up brows. A visit to the Kristie Streicher Beauty Bar in West Hollywood's Warren-Tricomi Salon will transform you into a Feathered Brow beauty, Kristie's signature style. But she won't stop there. Along with her team of pros, Kristie also offers makeup tutorials and applications. She taught Jessie that using an Eyebrow Mousse (Blinc in dark brown) or a Super Fine Eyebrow Pencil (Kimiko in coffee), will make your eyebrows look full and enhance your natural features.

We have become hooked on her personal line of amazing smelling products, which she specially makes by hand at home. Her pre- and post-tweezing calming oil, Aforé, works great on face and brows, and doubles as a soothing aromatherapy treatment. It's made with organic argan oil, aloe vera, lavender, tangerine, orange, ylang yland, patchouli, and blue tansy. As you massage it into your eyebrows you'll not only feel calm, but you'll feel extra good knowing Kristie made it.

  • Prior to tweezing to soften hair and skin for less painful tweezing
  • As a radiant moisturizer under makeup for a healthy glow
  • To spot treat on dry, peeling skin after sun exposure
  • On cuticles to soften and moisturize
  • To massage on the soles of feet to help calm and relax your body

Kristie Streicher's Après Calming Cream was developed to soothe and calm the skin following tweezing. The perfect follow up to Aforé Oil, Après is a lightweight, gel-like cream that is not only refreshing, but speeds healing and recovery of damaged skin. Après is antimicrobial and made with all natural ingredients like Berberis Aquifolium, offering cortisone-like benefits without the steroid, and essential calming oils such as Roman Chamomile and Calendula.

  • Reduces inflammation and soothes irritated skin associated with acne
  •  Soothes and cools burns or sunburns
  • Reduces itching and redness associated with insect bites
  • Reduces inflammation following shaving
  • Reduces swelling or puffiness under and around the eyes
  • When paired with Aforé oil, Après is an amazing noncomedogenic skin treatment

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