PLATEFIT is a workout like no other. This studio uses space age technology that helps you shake your way to a toned and tight body.

Founded and created by owner Rachael Blumberg, PLATEFIT in Los Angeles is a whole body, strength training, cardio workout that uses Power Plate machines. These machines vibrate at high frequency, on which each person gets their own plate to conduct their workout.

Using the Power Plate get results quickly. Power Plates were originally created for the Russian cosmonauts help fight atrophy. The device is also used in medical practices to offer physical benefits for MS, cerebral palsy, arthritis and more. The plate increases circulation at the same rate as increasing muscle stimulation, so it really amplifies a workout. The Power Plate contracts muscles 30-50 times per second; more than 900 muscle contractions in 30 seconds!

The classes are 27 minutes long and start every half an hour. At PLATEFIT, classes include: BootcampFIT, PlateFIT, BalletFIT, DanceFIT, BoxFIT, yogaFIT, CelluliteFIT, KickboxFIT. Our favorite is definitely the CelluliteFIT, its a super relaxing class that massages the fascia and ignites the lymphatic system, targeting cellulite to help melt it all off. There's honestly nothing like this class and we love how unique and special it is.

We love PLATEFIT's effective and quick approach to working out. They have fun and high energy classes as well as stretching and relaxing classes, so there's really something for everyone!


309 N Kings Rd Los Angeles, CA 90048

(323) 782-1770 //

Photography by: Emily Knecht