Spring Easter Essentials // EOS

When it comes to prepping and gifting for Easter, we've got you covered. Spring is a beautiful time of renewal and an opportunity to add some new #glow into your routine. Spring is one of our favorite times of the year. It's the season of rebirth and fresh starts-- the perfect time to get rid of anything we don't need and create space for the new. This time of year we love to gift our friends and loved ones with some goodness that will make their transitions into spring a little brighter. Here's a list of products we're lusting after this Easter springtime:

  • Sage bundles + Palo Santo // Perfect time of year to sage your space, bring in the new and get rid of the old, as well as add in some good smells
  • EOS lip balmEOS hand-cream // With winter ending, our skin needs some extra love to stay nice and smooth. The lip balm and hand-creams are portable and reliable reminders to always stay moisturized
  • Glass Dharma straw // These glass straws are a must, they're durable, sustainable, and eco-friendly -- mention "howyouglow" on their site at checkout for a 10%off Glow Deal
  • Bodha smokeless incense // Bodha's products help you get back to yourself, and with spring on the horizon, their smokeless incense will keep you space clean and smelly super glowy
  • Emi Jay hair ties // These beautiful hair-ties are the perfect wrist companion, and what's great about them is that they don't really crease your hair
  • Moon + Tree Malas // These stunning malas serve as a stunning reminder to always keep your peace
  • Crystals // Crystals make special gifts, we're always looking to add more to our collection
  • Fat and the Moon Dream Weaver Mist // We could all use a little plant magic, and this dream weaver mist adds in some cleansing energy to your space to guide your dreams toward bliss

What are you doing to celebrate spring? Share with us and tag #howyouglow.