As trained yoga teachers and life-long yoga lovers, we have dreamt of making Glow Yoga mats for quite some time now. We’re beyond excited to finally share these two special limited edition yoga mats that we created just for our glow peeps to enjoy.

We collaborated with the ever-expanding, creative art-driven to offer two unique yoga mats that will add glow to your yoga practice and your home. We worked closely with one of their featured artists, Alja Horvat, who brought our vision to life so beautifully. The first mat we created is a Sunset Glow, inspired by the colors of our logo which came directly from a photograph we took of a purple sunset. This mat is perfect for a more soothing and restorative flow practice to calm and relax the senses. The second mat we created is our Rose Quartz geode, a vibrant mat intended for more of a invigorating and fast-paced flow. Representing the yin/yang opposing sides of yoga that we both love, we couldn’t be more excited to share these beautiful mats with you all.

We personally always have a yoga mat or two out in our homes, so we designed these mats to fit right into our spaces, adding a burst of glow and beauty wherever they’re laid out. They make for the perfect addition to bring to your yoga classes too (we promise everyone will be asking where you got it) and are a great gift for any glowy friend. A beautiful yoga mat has the power to elevate your yoga+meditation practices. When a mat brings you joy aesthetically, you’ll want to leave it out, which will make you more inclined to spend time on the mat. Any time spent on a yoga mat is a good use of time, in our opinions!

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Photography by: Dustin Walker Photography