True Botanicals GLOW

We are here to tell you that clean beauty actually works. True Botanicals has not only completely transformed our skin, but has also revolutionized the beauty industry. Skincare made with clean ingredients has the power to change our skin and our world. We can’t stress this point enough, as much as the mass market beauty industry often likes to persuade us otherwise, we DO NOT need chemically filled, toxic products to get the results we crave. With leaders like True Botanicals paving the way for upgraded industry standards, we feel hopeful that more people will jump on the clean beauty bandwagon, sparing our bodies and our environment the harsh chemicals that are rampant in most products. We could not be more thrilled or honored to partner with True Botanicals on this important mission to share with you how game changing and wildly effective well made clean beauty can be.

Our skin is more vibrant, brighter, and even-toned thanks to a range of True Botanicals products that we have had the pleasure of making a part of our regular routine. We use these products not only because they actually work, but because we know that we can trust every single ingredient in them. Founder Hillary Peterson only uses real-deal, vetted sources for her products and is totally transparent with every step of the process. It’s this commitment to clean standards that set her products apart and create change within the beauty industry. The real power is in plants, we are a part of nature after all!!

We support True Botanicals new #TRUTHREVEALED movement : Let’s Be the Ones. Let’s be the ones who wake up ourselves as we wake up the world. By refusing toxins. Choosing transparency. And revealing that what’s most potent can be equally safe. Let’s be the ones who choose what heals instead of harms.