We're celebrating Earth Day the ALOHA way. This lifestyle brand is making it easier to be your most vibrant self with their uniquely patented 'farm-to-powder' products. Peep the FREE Trial after the jump.

We can't agree more with ALOHA's brand vision-- happiness can be attained through a balance of eating thoughtfully, exercising regularly, embracing mindfulness, maintaining meaningful relationships, and pushing oneself mentally. But without good nutrition, none of this is possible. This is where ALOHA has decided to step in with their simple, high-quality nutritional products void of any artificial flavors, artificial sweeteners, animal products, fillers, or chemicals.

The Daily Good, their green powder, uses a patented process that purees and dries the highest quality whole foods. Packed with only 14 ingredients--(all organic) spirulina, spinach, moringa, green pea, wheatgrass, wild blueberries, raspberries, coconut water, lemon, king trumpet mushrooms, enoki mushrooms, oyster mushrooms, yellow Hawaiian ginger, and Hawaiian red alaea salt--this powder is rich in nutrients and valuable fiber (which are lost with the pulp and skin in most green juices).

ALOHA is not just about the products, it's about a lifestyle movement. Explore the ALOHA lifestyle with their online magazine: The ALOHA Way. Their 5 Pillars, Nourish, Move, Relax, Connect, Think will give you holistic healthy inspiration.

Try out The Daily Good Free Trial--5-pack starter! Our favorite way to use ALOHA is in a smoothie bowl. Check out our THE DAILY GOOD SMOOTHIE BOWL RECIPE + VIDEO. And here are some more creative recipes using The Daily Good.


Photography by: Sasha Young