Ashley Streicher's Braids

The glowing Ashley Streicher can transform your hair into any shape, style, or cut that you please. She can also braid hair like we've never seen before. Check out her Flower Crown Braid tutorial along with some other beautiful braid do's. Ashley put her skills to work on our hair, and we will forever be grateful (and envious of her skills!) Ashley can do any type of braid you can think of; she's a pro at everything from heart-shaped, to crowns, to fishtails, to ones that might not even have names yet. Book Ashley next time you want your hair to look the best its ever looked. 'Nuff said. 

Flower Crown-Braid Steps:

1. Start by dividing your hair down the center, and make two basic braids starting just behind the ear.

2. Secure ends with small elastics.

3. Spread out the hair in the braids to create more of a fuller look.

4. Bring the first braid across the top of your head, covering your ear, Secure the braid in place with bobby pins.

5. Place the bobby pins behind or under the braid so they're hidden and space them out over your head so that the braid is secure. (Make sure to tuck the end of the second braid behind the first, so that both of the braid ends are hidden.)

6. Add in flowers to the braid--such as lavender or roses

Ashley Streicher //