Beachwood Cafe

Beachwood Cafe is our go-to spot for some healthy eats within view of the Hollywood sign. With a retro diner vibe, this gem in Beachwood Canyon feels like its taken straight out of Palm Springs. The cafe is located in the heart of Beachwood Canyon, a mile north of Franklin Avenue, straight up Beachwood Drive in the Hollywood Hills. While only a short 5-minute drive from one of the busiest parts of town, this spot offers a cozy and quiet getaway for some super fresh farm-to-table eats. Beachwood Cafe offers thoughtful, market-inspired, seasonal food in a comfortable, almost kitschy environment. There's totally a community vibe here that we love, where people can connect over good food.

We love that the menu is full of inventive healthy options. One of our favorites? The Fez Bowl: quinoa topped with wild mushrooms, carrots, raw beet salad, shallot yogurt and a delectable harissa sauce. The baked oatmeal is decadently scrumptious and the chicken sandwich is not be missed as well. This is a wonderful place to journey before or after hiking one of the neighborhood trails, one of our favorites being the Bronson Canyon hike!

Beachwood Cafe 2695 N Beachwood Dr Los Angeles, CA 90068 (323) 871-1717 //

Photography by: Emily Knecht