Bedside Essentials // EOS

It's important to keep your bedside simple and stripped down to the essentials for a calm and glowy sleeping space.

We love the saying, "Tidy home, tidy mind." Keeping your home--bedroom especially-- a haven of cleanliness and simplicity really makes all the difference. When your surroundings are orderly, calmness of the mind ensues. When it comes to bedside tables, strip to the essentials.

Here is our list of bedside essentials:

  • Lavender essential oil // Lavender is a wonderful calming and cleansing essential oil that is great for sleep
  • EOS lip balmEOS hand-cream // Before bed and when you wake up is a nice time to moisturize and stay smooth.
  • Flowers + Buddha + zen objects // Always keep some knick-knacks by your bed that add some beauty and love and make you happy, like crystals, fresh flowers, dried flowers, or buddha statues
  • Candle + Incense + Palo Santo // We always keep a candle by the bed as well as palo santo / incense to add in some good smells to our space

What do you keep by your bed? Share with us and tag #howyouglow.