Cover FX // Custom Cover Drops & Custom Infusion Drops

Makeup that lets you GLOW up while you cover up? That’s a brand that we can get behind! Cover FX is an incredibly effective makeup coverage brand that also contains comprehensive healing potency that improves your skin with use. Yes please.

All of us want to cover-up sometimes, and personally, when we use makeup we want it to be the best out there. We were recently introduced to Cover FX brand and were blown away by their unique approach to improve the skin while offering coverage. Their innovation is outstanding, and something that all makeup brands should look to aspire to! When it comes down to it, makeup can be harsh on the skin, but thanks to Cover FX’s new and unique products, our skin can literally heal with its use. They use a lot of antioxidants in their products, to neutralize irritation, exposure, and damage from the sun. They also use time-released Vitamin C and chamomile to calm skin, reduce redness and even out skin tone.

Specifically, we’ve fallen in love with the incredibly innovative Cover FX Custom Cover Drops and the Cover FX Custom Infusion Drops. Custom Cover Drops are concentrated pure pigments that allow you to customize any product in your beauty regime, adding coverage that you control. So that means you can keep using your favorite face oil, coconut oil, or any cream as your medium. Custom Infusion Drops are innovative, oil-free drops that instantly transform your everyday beauty products into powerful skincare treatments that are customized to fit your skin’s unique needs. They allow you to add a concentrated boost of essential oils and vitamins to whatever products you’re already using – everything from oils and serums to moisturizers and creams. Simply place your usual product into the palm of your hand, drop in Custom Infusion Drops, mix with your fingertips, and transform it into your own perfectly infused complexion solution.

Taking it to the next level, the Custom Infusion Drops blend beautifully with Custom Cover Drops, which means you’re able to create a highly customizable solution that’s as beautiful as it is effective.

· Calming: E + Chamomile – Chamomile oil comforts, soothes, and reduces the look of inflammation, while vitamin E acts as a powerful antioxidant that supports anti-aging and protects against premature aging. · Hydration: F + Neroli – The hydrating blend is infused with Neroli oil to condition and soothe and Vitamin F, which contains sodium hyaluronate to deeply nourish, improve skin elasticity and help the skin better retain moisture. · Radiance: C + Lemongrass – Lemongrass tones the skin while vitamin C helps to brighten the complexion and protect it against damaging free radicals. · Anti-aging: A + Jasmine – Vitamin A supports cell turnover and reduces the look of fine lines and wrinkles, while jasmine oil boosts the skin’s hydration.

Price of Custom Cover Drops: $44, Available in 25 shades at Sephora, and Price of Custom Infusion Drops: $48 each, Available at Sephora, and

Exclusive GLOW Interview with Global Brand Ambassador Derek Selby:

What is your top tip to keep skin healthy & makeup ready? Always wear a sunscreen. Regardless of the weather or climate you live in daily SPF is the most important product to use to keep your skin healthy. This will benefit your makeup routine because skin without damaging factors from the sun requires less make-up.

What is the difference in Cover FX products? It’s 3-fold; their focus on health-supportive ingredients, their incredible 50- shade range, and their potent coverage effectiveness.

How do you figure out your Custom Cover Drop shade? We start with undertone. Our products are available in pink, neutral (a balance of pink and gold) and gold. If you know your undertone go directly to that shade series. If you aren’t sure, start with a neutral. If it looks OK and has no unusual cast you are neutral. If it looks pink you need more yellow so you are a gold undertone. If it looks yellow, you need more pink so you have a pink undertone.

If a shade looks chalky it is too light. If it looks dirty or muddy, it’s too dark. The perfect match will look clean and clear on the skin. Each shade has a letter and a number. The letter is the undertone and the number is the depth of colour. For example N0 is a very light neutral shade, P40 is a medium pink shade and G80 is a dark shade with a golden undertone.

How do you use to Custom Cover Drops? Simply DROP the desired amount of pigment into your moisturizer or skincare, MIX the two products together, and TRANSFORM your beauty regime forever with #CoverFX.

What are the levels of application of Custom Cover Drops? Custom Cover Drops coverage can be controlled by how many drops you put into your base. 1 drop gives you sheer coverage. 2 drops medium coverage, 3 drops full coverage and 4 drops total coverage. A tip is to put a little of your serum in the palm of your hand. Drop in 2 drops for medium coverage all over then go back and add another drop or two and you now have concealer for areas that require more coverage.

What is the best way to use Custom Infusion Drops? And how often? Custom Infusion Drops can be used daily. Night and daytime. The best way to use them is to drop 1-3 drops into your skincare product to give it a boost as needed. What is so great about them is you can adjust your skincare based on lifestyle and climate changes. You can even use them by themselves directly on the skin or even cocktail them together.

Can you and should you combine the two? Because Custom Infusion Drops are emollient when you mix them with Custom Cover Drops you end up with a perfect product for dry skin. If your skin is dry and you want coverage, this combo is great!

What makes you GLOW? As a makeup artist I have many secrets and tricks to make the skin glow, but my real secret is LOVE! My partner and I are in our 24th year together! Because I’m so filled with happiness when I’m with him and our Golden Doodle I GLOW!

Watch this VIDEO on how to use the products:

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