Energy Muse // 2017 Crystal Guide

The theme of 2017 is plain and simple: get back to our roots and get back to nature. We've turned to some of our trusted crystal healers Energy Muse, who are giving us some glowy intell on what stones to keep close in the new year:

"Now is the time as a society to look at our environment. We can no longer turn our backs on what is below our feet. We have to reconnect to the simplicity of nature, which is why we have chosen green crystal theme for 2017. The color green infuses our heart, oxygen, how we breathe how we open up our energy fields – it is everything. If we cannot love the earth and if we just continue to take, then we have stopped the cycle of how life works, which is to give and to receive in return. Crystals Forecast For 2017...

Prehnite /// represents both earth and water elements, brining peace and joy to your mind and spirit.  It strongly connects to Mother Nature, specifically encouraging a deep relationship between your heart and the heart of the earth.

Malachite /// is a crystal of transformation. It works to clear and cleanse all your chakra and energy centers and carries a very inspiring, purifying and healing energy that helps to open our heart to all types of love.

Chrysopase /// revitalizes joy, happiness and love within others and our self. It opens our heart chakra to allow soft, gentle healing energies flow to and from our heart. By doing so, this crystal can bring divine truth into our being and encourages universal love, advocating you to live from the heart.

Kambaba Jasper /// carries the powerful nourishing green energy of nature and Mother Earth. Its dark mystic circles and swirling dark green color brings nurturing, soothing and comforting energies to help soothe our troubled minds and restore our inner strength. It also provides courage so we can overcome our fears.

Tree Agate /// is a stone of inner peace, helping to calm our nerves and deepen our meditation. The Tree Agate meaning shifts our focus to the oneness of the Earth, dissolving any arrogance and facilitating complete gratitude.

Carry any of these crystals with you, meditate with them or simply keep them in your home this New Year to re-root you to where we all began – Mother Earth."

Wishing you all a happy and healthy and glowy new year ahead!

xx Tara & Jessie