FINE & RAW Chocolate Factory

FINE & RAW is some seriously GLOWY chocolate. All organic and raw, made in small batches in Brooklyn. Sustainable down to the recycled packaging, this chocolate tastes even better than it is altruistic.

Started by Daniel Sklaar, FINE & RAW is an edible expression of artisanal craft. Daniel creates confections using conscious ingredients and innovative low heat techniques to keep the chocolate's raw vitality and flavor. Initially just a passion for Daniel, chocolate-making became a life-long journey once his friends fell in love with it and kept demanding more.

As Daniel says, "FINE & RAW is a fresh new company that believes the future is beautiful." He's adding much-needed attention & love to the craft of chocolate-making, all while making an effort to keep things green and sustainable wherever possible. There is purpose, fun, and lots of good vibes infused into each and every piece of chocolate... you can truly taste the glow.

We visited his whimsical chocolate factory in Bushwick, Brooklyn, and were in awe of the production process. From bean to bar, the cacao is treated in the purest way to ensure a luscious and indulgent product like no other. This raw chocolate has superfood qualities, intensive creaminess and insanely delicious flavors such as hazelnut, coconut, and almond.

We LOVE this chocolate, and as chocolate-obsessed #glowgirls, we're confident that this is some of the best out there. Eating chocolate just makes you feel good, and when it's done in such a wholesome and beautiful way, there's really no reason to deny yourself of its pleasures!

FINE & RAW Chocolate //

Photography by: Jai Lennard