#getGLOWY // Incense

Nothing gets the good vibes flowing in your space like incense. These glow sticks instantly clear negative energy away, and infuse your environment with a joyful scent and sense of peace. You can't catch either of us glow girls at home without a candle or some sort of incense burning at all times. We believe that the home is a sacred space, that needs to be cleansed and infused with good energy. Burning incense sticks is one of the best ways to do that, as it elevates the mood and sets the tone for goodness and magic to occur.

It's key to find the scents you personally like and make you feel good. Once you've figured that out, along with a great incense holder, you're all set. We really love this wooden incense holder, adorned with a gold sun and stars. Lavender is one of our favorite scents as well, but other great ones include sandalwood or patchouli.

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