#getGLOWY // Solstice Canyon Almond Butter

Organic. Raw. Unpasteurized. Low-glycemic. Thanks to Solstice Canyon, this is how we've been eating our almond butter. Los Angeles-based Solstice Canyon specializes in crafting small-batch gourmet foods and pantry items made with only the highest quality organic ingredients. Their almond butter is seriously #glowy-- from the ingredients to the packaging. Their almond butters are made using only certified organic, raw, unpasteurized European almonds and other raw, organic, low-glycemic super ingredients in an effort to preserve the vital enzymes and life enhancing benefits inherent in our foods. This creamy almond butter is not only optimally healthy, but it's also supremely delicious.

Created by Rachael Sheridan and Jessie Litow, Solstice Canyon is their creation after years of experimenting in their own kitchens to create healthy and irresistible recipes. Former food industry co-workers, Jessie and Rachael founded Solstice Canyon after realizing there was a void in the market when it came to truly raw and health supportive almond butter, that actually tasted good!

They currently make 3 delicious almond butter creations-- The Original Almond Butter, Aztec Chocolate Almond Butter, and Cardamom & Clove Almond Butter-- all of which are unique and perfectly employ their respective flavor profiles. Everything from the ingredients they source to the details in their packaging is impressive and special. They've managed to make almond butter chic and we're totally digging it.

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Solstice Canyon // www.solsticecanyon.com