Glow Guide to TULUM

A mecca for yoga retreats, juice bars, eco-chic hotels, and unpretentious beachside living, if there's one place that is beaming with GLOW, it's got to be Tulum. Use this Glow Guide and go explore for yourself.

On the beach:

UNO AstrolodgeBest breakfasts, really nice meditation sessions, kirtan singing in the mornings. This place has a super hippie/new age vibe, complete with camping, nude swimming and sound therapy.  Amazing juice bar and fresh food. Peacocks and puppies roaming around! *MUST check it out for complete Tulum experience.

Be Tulum: One of the more luxurious resorts, yet still super laid back, this place has the most beautiful beach set ups. The restaurant was one of our favorite spots to have brunch. The ceviche, fish tacos, vegetable sandwich and guacamole are not to be missed.

Ahau TulumThey have a water tower, which you MUST go to for sunset. Beautiful, best view overlooking the West -- makes you aware of all the incredible greenery in the distance. You can bring a drink, guitar, etc... anyone can just walk up.

El TabanoBeautiful garden restaurant on the jungle side -- super yum- serving authentic Mexican food with the best margaritas in town.

Hartwood: For a Williamsburg vibe in Tulum, come here.  The food is so fresh, menu changes daily... and delicious fresh juice cocktails. Nice and romantic, awesome open kitchen outside, and designed flawlessly. Perfect date spot.  NOTE: be prepared to come at 5:45 PM if you want to get a table!

Trece Lunas: Go for great coffee/ breakfast on the beach.

Casa Jaguar: Located on the jungle side (near Hartwood/Uno, etc), this place is worth checking out even if you don't eat there. There's an interesting vibe with an eclectic menu, and a great place to come for drinks.

Posada MargaritaOne of our favorite spots for breakfast, lunch and dinner. This place is centrally located with a prime beach location. For breakfast, the egg in the hole, french toast and juices are all delicious. It is a special and romantic dinner spot-- the charming owner comes to each table and personally explains the menu. The white fish and the handmade pasta with lobster are not to be missed.

Hechizo: This is one of the highest end restaurants on the strip and perhaps nice for one special meal. It is a long walk down the beach, just north of the reserve.

Coqui Coqui: This beautiful boutique hotel has a great vibe, a wonderful shop and perfumerie, and an incredible spa where they use their signature bath oils for massages.

In Town:

El Camello: This spot is so special (it closes early so don't arrive after 9). Seriously good fresh fish (the owner's brother is the fisherman). Prepare for bright fluorescent lights or parking lot tables... the real deal. Best items: amazing ceviche, guacamole, fried fish in red spices, garlic lobster.  It's at the southern most end of town on the main strip. Note: huge portions, really good prices, and so fresh.

TacoquetoThis place is like eating in a family kitchen... find it south of ADO bus stop on the opposite side of the street.

El Chiapaneca: Best taco spot (no fish, but chicken was so good... make sure to get them with cheese and top up on the green sauce). Very authentic-recommended by our taxi driver one night. Find it on the same side as ADO bus stop, not as far south as El Camello but in that direction. Note: insanely good prices and REAL Mexican vibe.

Flor de Michoacan = an 'artesanalimente natural': This is an incredible spot run by  two super sweet sisters.  A real family-run joint, they are the aunts of the owner. They open upin the morning, break for a nap midday, and come back in the early evening (open from 7am till 10pm). Go for fresh juices (lots of chaya, which is Mexican spinach)... highly recommend a chaya drink with pineapple and other fruits/veg!) But their homemade ice pops with fresh fruit are INSANE. The coconut one is otherworldly! They also make really good homemade gelato which makes the perfect palate cleanser after some spicy tacos. All the fruits and vegetables are sourced from small indigenous farmers from the region. Find it right across from the ADO bus station in town. Note: MUST have a coconut popsicle.  We went a few times and ended up trying several of their juices and smoothies, their carrot cake, about 8 of their ice pops (including pistachio-cream, something spicy and sweet, mango, guava, yogurt with fruit), a fresh coconut, and their ice cream...