Good Eggs

Good Eggs is changing the local food game in a major way. Thanks to this amazing company, you can shop online for anything from one lemon to a full grocery order of the most delicious local food products & produce delivered to your door.This virtual farmers market experience started in San Francisco, and is rapidly making its way around the country with food hubs in LA, Brooklyn, and New Orleans. What makes Good Eggs so unique is their goal to promote and grow small businesses, giving them the tools to expand when they wouldn't otherwise have the resources. Their ultimate mission is to grow and sustain local food systems worldwide, and we couldn't dig it more. On Good Eggs you can find the best local bread baker, the most delicious almond milk maker, or the gluten-free granola wizard, all in one place. These special companies are all producing really incredible products, and now it is much easier to get a hold of their goods through Good Eggs. Visiting the website is a glowy experience in itself. You will learn about each local food producer and farmer, and really get to know who is making your food.

We had the chance to check out their Los Angeles food hub, and see just how Good Eggs acts as the middle-man between the produce and your front door. We were so impressed by the company and employees who, like us, are obsessed with food. As we say, people who love food are always the best people, and Good Eggs is bringing awareness to local food systems in the best way possible. This mission-driven company only has positive vibes to share, and we can't wait for them to pop up in every city!


1. You shop direct-- Order from your local farmers & foodmakers on Good Eggs

  • Order exactly what you want—no commitments or surprises
  • See who grew or made your food and buy directly from them
  • Never forget the eggs again—subscribe to items you buy regularly

2. Farmers harvest, foodmakers make-- Your goods are picked and prepped to order

  • Locally-grown produce is picked riper and arrives tastier
  • Ordering ahead guarantees freshness—nothing’s sitting around
  • Farmers & foodmakers reduce waste by knowing exactly how much to make

3. Good Eggs deliver-- Choose delivery or a convenient pickup

  • Home delivery is FREE!
  • Lots of free pickup spots to choose from
  • You can BYO bag (bring your own bag!) for pickup
Good Eggs //

Photography by: Emily Knecht