Superfood snacks that taste good and are good for you? Yep, they're GOODBITES. And now you can get these raw, organic, vegan, gluten-free, non-GMO snacks delivered to your door.

GOODBITES was started five years ago, when owner Angelica Xavier was diagnosed with a genetic disease. In her search to cure her illness, Angelica looked to the power of food to heal and nourish her body. As she saw her raw & vegan diet change her life, she knew she had to share her food and snacks with others.

She began innovating and designing new recipes with unique and nutrient-dense superfoods, and her results were totally delicious. Angelica put her treats to the ultimate test-- her son-- and his approval made her decide that she needed to share them with the world.

Angelica started off with her GOODBITES raw chocolate truffle-- an energy-packed treat made with the most wholesome, nourishing, and supercharged ingredients: cacao, goji berries, coconut oil, honey, spirulina, tocotrienols, Himalayan pink salt, and pure vanilla powder, all rolled in hemp seeds and topped with a goji berry.

She's debuting an incredible new treats the Snack Box & Smoothie Box that can be delivered right to your door. Tons of superfood snacks and smoothies that make it easy for you to have nutrient dense food readily available and accessible.

The SNACK BOX // Raw organic gluten-free non-GMO nondairy sweet and savory snacks that are packed with nutrient dense ingredients to satisfy you're in between meal hunger and give you the energy that you need.

SMOOTHIE BOX// They ship their delicious superfood smoothies to you for the ideal on the go treat, meal supplement, breakfast. Pop them in the freezer when your box arrives and take them out of the freezer couple of hours.

How it works:

  1. Choose your box size and type —Snacks or Smoothies!
  2. Sign up as a one-time gift for yourself or a friend, or treat yourself to a membership.
  3. Get healthy with Goodbites snacks delivered to your door!

Get yourself supercharged & super-glowy with GOODBITES delivered to your door.