The glow is so real at Greecologies, an authentic grass-fed Greek yogurt shop in NYC's Soho. You can find classic Greek flavors from salads to frozen yogurt all housed in this awesome shop / magical garden cafe. Greecologies in NYC is taking yogurt to the next level. This stunning space not only is a great place to get healthy eats, but it's also a cozy environment to get work done and relax. With their incredible spread of eats, tons of places to sit, and a beautiful garden patio, Greecologies is some sort of GLOW heaven.

They make their yogurt on-site, sticking to traditional Greek recipes to make the best product possible. No GMOs, sweeteners, thickeners, or strange ingredients in their yogurt, it's just the good stuff. Their grass-fed milk makes all the difference, in combination with their incredible range of authentic Greek toppings, get ready to #glowgasm.

Their highly nutritious and probiotic-rich yogurt is exactly what we want to be eating everyday. You can choose from their traditional (unstrained) yogurt that is lighter and sweeter or their strained yogurt which is smoother and creamier. Their preserves toppings include carrot, sour cherry, rose petal, and bergamot, and their other toppings include thyme honey, halvah, biscuits, walnuts, fresh berries, and other speciality items imported from Greece. They also offer savory rendition, which include sun-dried tomatoes, mint, and olive oil, as well as savory dishes like soups, salads, and spanakopitas.

Greecologies is a must when visiting NYC-- authenticity in the glowiest way possible.