VIDEO // Homemade Candles

Homemade candles always make the perfect gift. You not only save money by making them on your own, but you also ensure that you're putting the best ingredients in your candles. The addition of organic essential oils makes them personalized to perfection. Watch us make our Glow Candles with The Kitchy Kitchen-- get creative and make your own! Full Instructions after the jump...

We collaborated with Claire Thomas, the wonderfully creative food and lifestyle blogger of the Kitchy Kitchen, to create a mini 10 Seconds to Glow series. Our first video tutorial is our homemade Glow Candles--perfect for a personal gift for yourself, your mother, or friend. We love infusing different essential oils like rose, lavender, or green tea into our candles, but you can really use any essential oils that you love. It's important to use organic soy wax and organic essential oils, because candles burn into the air you breath in your home-- and a clean home is a glowy home.

You can source your candle tools & ingredients from any local candle surplus store or online candle store. Use leftover mason jars, burned through candles, or little glass jars to make your homemade candles. You can even experiment with natural dyes like beet juice to add a hint of color as well!



-A bag of soy wax chips

-Cooking thermometer to measure temperature of wax

-Heat safe container to pour the wax into and heat on stove (ideally with a pouring spout)

-Wicks (get ones especially designed for soy wax)

-Scissors or glue stickers to hold the wick in place when you pour wax into container

-Essential oils to scent the candle

-Jars for candles


1. Heat the wax on the stove in pouring pitcher until it is smooth and liquified

2. When the wax is melted, use thermometer to  measure temperature- should be 190 degrees when you add whichever essential oils you choose to scent your candle and stir in with a wooden stick.

*Always use pure, organic oils whenever possible. We split the oil into separate batches to create two different scents. Be generous when adding the oils, 15 drops or so

3. Turn the heat down to let the wax cool slightly and then pour wax into votives. Use the scissors to center the wick until the wax is poured and then they can be removed (unless using glue stickers for wicks, which will hold in place on its own).

4. Wait for the candles to fully cool and harden

5. Trim the wick and light!

For more DIY inspiration, and more of our 10 Seconds To Glow videos, check out Claire's Youtube Channel, TheKitchyKitchen.

Video by: Yayo Ahumada