Hot Cactus

Looking for beautifully unique, hand-picked cacti? Hot Cactus store in Echo Park, Los Angeles, has the best of them.

Cactus Store LA, or Hot Cactus, has a wide range of cacti of all sizes, shapes, colors, and textures. If you're ready to enter the #glowzone, get yourself to this shop and pick out the cactus that speaks most to you. A magical world awaits you here, where you'll find red light bulbs illuminating rows of spectacular cacti propped upon creatively arranged cinder blocks.

Each cactus in the store is more unique than the next. In fact, there are over 150 cacti that have beens specially handpicked by owner Carlos Morera  for their unique quality or unusual shape. Prices range from about $25 to $800, so there is really something for everyone here. Besides being a #glowy companion, cacti add life and vibrancy to any living or work space. They're pretty easy to care for, especially thanks to these instructions.

We both found the perfect cactus dudes to add into our space and we couldn't be any happier with them. Check out this shop, you'll be sure to leave with something really special.

Hot Cactus // Cactus Store 1505.5 Echo Park Ave T - S 1 - 8PM / SUN 12 - 5PM (213)947-3009 //

Photography by: Emily Knecht