IOBELLA is simultaneously one of the most physically challenging and relaxing experiences we've ever had. The combination of private training sessions in temperature-controlled heated pods with revitalizing spa services will leave you feeling glowy, radiant and renewed. Get to know more about this ground-breaking workout that originated in Switzerland.  IOBELLA has become all the rage in Argentina, and was recently brought over to Santa Monica by a huge devotee. It's main purpose is to help women lose weight and target specific problem areas, helping them tone, lean out, and build up overall radiance. It's also a perfect post-baby program to get back in shape. Iobella is a true body-shaping spa, where you pay a premium for pampered service--you get access to personalized programs that help you achieve your ideal shape and silhouette, along with various luxurious spa treatments like Hydra-Facials and massages to reshape, recharge, and renew your body.

Upon arrival at the IOBELLA studio in Santa Monica, we were greeted by a friendly staff member who lead us to a clean, comfortable locker room, equipped with great natural products. Every session begins with a weight analysis, to help you track your progress. Next, we were lead to the personal training room, where we were instructed to enter the small heated pods that resemble a Pilates reformer enclosed in a bubble. A personal trainer lead us through a series of exercises that were HARD, especially because of the heat. We are both very active and in shape, but this was no joke. We were shocked when they told us this was the very "beginner" workout! However, the session is only thirty minutes, so its totally do-able, and it feels super targeted and effective. The whole point of this system is to see results, so we were pretty psyched to feel challenged.

After the hard work is done, it's all about relaxation. We rinsed off with a detox charcoal clay scrub, and got cozy in big plush spa robes. Then comes the last (and most enjoyable!!!) part of the session: the O3 Renewal Treatment a.k.a. heaven. It entails 15 minutes of laying in an enclosed pod circulating with triple-oxygenated air to help circulation and allow the muscles to regenerate. They say it also helps with cellulite, and makes the skin glow, which we definitely ain't mad at. Before leaving us to meditate in our little  oxygen "cabin," we were given noise-canceling head phones with relaxing music and cold cucumber pads to cover our eyes. This chill set-up is the absolute dream, especially after such a hard work out.

Ready for the best news yet? The first 10 readers who book an initial consultation and mention 'How You Glow' will receive a complimentary $300.00 gift card towards the purchase of 12 sessions or more.


IOBELLA 507 Wilshire Boulevard Santa Monica, CA 90403 (310) 579-2078 //