J. Small Hair Product and Private Salon

Getting your hair done with Jay Small is one of the best ways to treat yourself. The second you step foot into his peaceful abode, you'll feel like you've discovered Venice's best kept secret. Plus, his handmade Coconut Lavender Rosemary hair balm is the epitome of GLOW. The environment that Jay has created is the perfect setting to get your hair done, trust us. Many clients stay long after their appointment to chill and soak up the good energy. And it doesn't hurt that you'll get your hair washed in the open air either.

Jay showed us how he makes his deliciously natural hair balm, using ingredients like rosemary + lavender essential oils and coconut oil. He handcrafts each batch, ensuring the best quality and just the right amounts of each ingredient. This product has multiple uses and can serve different purposes depending on your hair type. It can be used on wet or dry hair, used as a moisturizing mask, a frizz tamer, you name it. Jay recommends adding a bit to dry hair before getting into the shower, because pre-conditioning is the best way to maintain the natural oils in the ends of your hair. For men, it works well as a styling balm (the secret to Jay's polished locks).  And it smells SO good.

Jay Small // www.jsmallinc.com

Photography by: Jessica Chanen