Jill Lindsey

Jill Lindsey & her eponymously named store might just be the glowiest shop on the planet. Offering everything from clothing, to gifts, to products, to tastings and workshops, this boutique is reason enough to visit Fort Greene.

Jill Lindsey is at once a gift shop (greeting cards, candles, jewelry, beauty products and more), clothing boutique and cafe/lounge on Myrtle Avenue in Fort Greene (Brooklyn New York). With so many glowy things under one roof, it’s a “mini-department store,” as Jill often refers to it.

Everything in the store is hand-picked and special. Along with the various things you can purchase here, you can get a delicious bite of food, good coffee, and some overall enrichment from the various workshops / gatherings hosted here. This place is so special because of Jill Lindsey herself-- she has impeccable taste and really finds unique and lust-worthy pieces. She sources her stock from around the globe, so you know you're getting something really extraordinary here.

We met Jill Lindsey on our trip to Maderas Village, Nicaragua where she travels often to source many items for her line. We became instant friends because of her magnetic, warm personality, which radiates throughout her beautiful shop. Jill works with local Nicaraguan artisans to create gorgeous leather bags, shoes and various specialty items that we're obsessed with. We may even have a glowy collab in the works :)

Jill Lindsey is the perfect spot to get an extra dose of GLOW in your life. Take a look at the various events offered at the space, and find yourself leaving a little more vibrant.

Jill Lindsey 370 Myrtle Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11205 (347) 987-4538 // www.jilllindsey.com

Photography by: Jai Lennard