Juice Served Here

With a space cool enough to match the drinks, Juice Served Here is a perfect neighborhood hangout. Their cold-pressed and organic juices are some of the best out there, and they're philosophy is anything but conventional. The cute and charming staff of "bartenders" makes a trip to this juice bar feel like a healthy replacement for visiting the local pub. We haven't tried a juice here that we haven't loved--and it doesn't hurt that samples are generously poured into (our favorite!) heath ceramic cups. Try the sweet pink-hued "Coco Rosey" made with coconut water, rose water, and watermelon, or the "Cream Party" made with young coconut water and coconut flesh. We also love their Blue-Green Algae shots and coffee drinks that they blend with fresh nut milks. They even have a decadent "Twenty Dollar Juice," that is yes, $20. It is crazy interesting and delicious: a combination of their beauty boost, cream party, honey, vanilla bean, bee pollen and colloidal silver. This nutritional powerhouse is definitely worth the splurge every once in a while. The "Green Milk" is another favorite, a perfect mix of vanilla flavored creaminess to offset the greens. And their "Charcoal Lemonade" is a game-changing drink, filled with chelating charcoal that will rid your body of toxins.

The difference at Juice Served Here is all in their approach to health. They make the act of drinking juice feel sexy and luxurious, rather than crunchy and boring. Their dedication to quality is unmatched; juices are 100% organic, cold-pressed, never pasteurized, and come presented to you in beautiful glass bottles. There's something special and wonderfully "unconventional" happening here. If you're looking for a movement to follow, this is the type of Kool-Aid you want to be drinking. We're also into their tastefully selected candles, lotions, body products, books, and sweet treats. With locations currently in West Hollywood, Pasadena, and Marina del Ray, and popping up in shops all around the LA area, Juice Served Here is quickly expanding and we are super grateful to have more of them around.

Their commitment to local goes far beyond the produce. They curate a "Locally Grown" program at their shops, which is a series of community driven in-store programs that serve to educate, inform and evoke excitement for living a healthy lifestyle. The tailored programming, seminars, workshops & "How To’s" will immerse you in some really interesting and life-enhancing activities, so be sure to check their calendar of events regularly for something that interests you. It all boils down to the fact that juicing isn't a quick fix, it's just one part of a glowing lifestyle.

Juice Served Here 8366 W 3rd St Los Angeles, CA 90048 (323) 944-0409 //  www.juiceservedhere.com