Keiko's Traditional Healing

While most wouldn't regard feathers as having any sort medicinal power, to acupuncturist and healer, Keiko, their cleansing and healing abilities are so profound it can feel "like one's circuit boards are getting re-wired."  This ancient treatment, from the tradition of the Huichols, starts with a discussion of one’s current situation, concerns, and ailments. Keiko then needs time to listen to guidance offered by Spirit, and her counsel/ healing work uses sacred objects (feathers) to remove obstacles or blockages. Keiko believes that illness– whether physical, emotional or spiritual– is a symptom of imbalance. This approach to healing helps illuminate patterns and root causes that contribute to illness on all levels and works to restore balance.

According to Keiko, when we move towards equilibrium, we enhance our ability to hear and connect to the guidance of our hearts and to the Spirit around us. Next time you’re in need of an emotional/spiritual clearing, go see Keiko and allow the healing qualities of the fire and feathers to brighten your glow. Plus, you’ll leave smelling like a beautiful campfire, which is the glowiest scent out there.