Kore Kitchen

We don't believe in diets, but we do believe in healthy resets. Kore Kitchen is just that-- real food in small portions to help you feel your best.


We got to experience Kore Kitchen's Los Angeles-based meal delivery service and loved the fact that it was a dynamic mix of real delicious foods. In partnership with other health conscious brands around LA, the cleanse includes smoothies, juices, salads, snacks, and warming soups for dinner. The philosophy behind Kore Kitchen is intuitive: getting back to your 'kore', eating real whole foods, in the right portions.

We also love the Kore Kit-- a selection of 8 superfoods that every healthy and glowy pantry needs. They're offering an exclusive Glow Deal to our readers, with the discount code 'KOREGLOW' you will get $20 off your order. 

For those of you looking to make a major health shift in January, check out their Life Transformation Package.

Kore Kitchen // www.korekitchen.com