Kristie Streicher's Sun Tea

KRISTIE_suntea When we first met the stunning beauty and eyebrow guru, Kristie Streicher, we were greeted with a refreshing sun tea. Kristie's tea is super fresh and invigorating, plus it's also good for your digestion. Check out the recipe here:

Herb Garden Sun Tea ☀

2-3 Lemongrass Stalks 1/2 inch piece of Ginger, sliced 3 Tbs dried mint leaves Spring water Clear Glass lidded Jug

1. Put mint and ginger into steeping bag.  Add to clear glass water jug with lemon grass stalks.

2. Add hot (to speed process) or cold spring water to water jug and set in the sun for 6-10 hours.

3. Be careful not to steep too long to avoid bitterness.  The mint and lemongrass adds a hint of sweetness so it won't need sweetener, however a little lemon and honey is always nice.  To add a nice kick and a little bit of caffein you can add a bag of black tea as well.

Enjoy :)


Photography by: Emily Knecht