Pearly whites are definitely a part of glowing, and LAVAAN in NYC is making it easier for you to get your cosmetic dental needs accomplished. Consider it a spa for your smile-- no drilling, no fillings, just clean, white teeth. Named for the Best Teeth Whitening in New York City by New York Magazine, LAVAAN is a luxurious health and wellness destination specializing in dental cleaning, whitening, and straightening (Invisalign Treatment). Owned by Drs. Jeffrey Rappaport and Michelle Katz, LAVAAN provides premium services in a calming, spa-like environment to transform oral hygiene into the enjoyable, relaxing experience it should be. Whether you are looking to brighten your smile before a big upcoming event or simply for your own well-being, LAVAAN has the perfect, affordable treatment for you. 

Since first meeting as students at New York University's College of Dentistry, Dr. Michelle Katz, a board-certified orthodontist, and Dr. Jeffrey Rappaport, a cosmetic dentist, have studied together and worked tirelessly to develop their revolutionary approach to dentistry. They took cleaning and whitening out of the dentist office and reimagined the experience in a luxurious, spa-like environment within the West Village.

The process could not have been easier. We walked in, filled out some information on their iPads, and quickly got situated into comfy dental chairs. We both got teeth whitening treatments, which entailed a light positioned on our teeth in 10 minute increments. Quick, painless, and effective-- just how we like our dental treatments.


Photography by: Jai Lennard