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Life Aromatherapy, a line of natural essential-oil based skin care, chakra sprays, perfumes, jewelry and inspirational items, is owner Carrie Keller's way of spreading glow in every which way she can. Through these tools, Carrie helps people on their journey through healing, awareness and empowerment...  Carrie Keller is an intuitive guide, aromatherapist, yoga instructor, artist, writer and the owner and creator of Life Aromatherapy. We met up with her at her blissed-out out Santa Monica studio to experience her intuitive readings. She uses these reading sessions to create a specific chakra balancing oil for her clients, each tailored to  individual needs. This type of deeply personal work is pretty dope if you ask us, and Carrie is the perfect person to be doing it.

She greeted us with freshly made iced mint-hibiscus tea, and her sweet presence put us at ease right away. As each of us got out individual readings, Carrie took notes, writing down which chakras could use some extra energy or clearing.  Extremely knowledgable in plants and herbs, she then formulated a custom scent using all natural essential oils. We were given the choice of a spray or roll-on, and we both chose to get a roll on that we could have in our bags at all times to help restore balance if need be!

Aside from her amazing custom intuitive blends, the collection of Life Aromatherapy sprays is really wonderful as well. They are all lovely to spray before a yoga class, meditation or to clear energy after a long day-- and we love that they're all natural. We are so grateful to have them in our lives as an uplifting and balancing tool.

In her yoga classes, which she teaches at Sattva Yoga, Carrie creates a nurturing environment with an eclectic mix of music, aromatherapy, intuitive guidance, inspiration and fun. It is clear that  this #glowgirl is extremely passionate about the work she does and its inspiring to see someone living her true calling.

In Carrie's own words:

"The greatest gift for me, in regard to the work I do, is to be a witness to the transformation that occurs with my clients. The readings I conduct help to remove emotional blocks that inhibit growth and weigh people down. During and after the readings, these emotional blocks unravel and ultimately dissolve, allowing the person to begin again, with a clean slate and new perspective. Seeing people develop into their most authentic form and highest potential is a gift beyond words. I am grateful to be a channel for higher spiritual intelligence and a catalyst for transformation and awareness. It is a blessing to be able to offer support and encouragement to those in need."

Visit her site to set up parfume consultations, intuitive readings, and shop her amazing chakra sprays.

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