Magic Carpet

With a deep love of yoga and a true talent in painting, Sophie Leininger merged her two passions to create Magic Carpet Yoga Mats-- a collection of colorful yoga mats printed with her magnificent watercolor works of art. These mats are the quintessential way to get your yoga glow on. Having graduated in 2009 with an arts degree from Mills College, Sophie entered the job market at the midst of the recession. A bit discouraged, but determined to work in the arts industry, she simultaneously held five less than inspiring jobs to make ends meet. Her time spent practicing yoga in the confines of her apartment was something she looked forward to each day. A few years later, one evening as the sun was setting in the living room of her apartment, she caught a glimpse of one of her favorite rugs that covered her yoga mat. An idea for a business was born, and we're so grateful for its manifestation.

Magic Carpet Yoga Mats are not only functional, but also truly inspiring and transcendent. It makes such a difference to look down during your practice and feel the creative energy channeled into these mats. Not only that, the lines and patterns make for great body alignment and hand/foot placement.

Her designs range from Persian carpet designs, southwest diamonds, high desert motifs, and deco patterns. Magic Carpet Yoga mats brighten up the room, adding that little extra dose of glow to your daily yoga!

Here's a video giving you a glimpse into Sophie's vision for her mats:


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