Malibu C

It’s starting to sink in that summer has officially come to a close and while we’re looking forward to cozy fall and winter, we’re also starting to see the damage that all of our fun in the sun has done to our hair.

Luckily we’ve discovered Malibu C’s nature-inspired products to give our hair some extra love and keep our locks nice and glowy. This salon professional hair and skin care brand is based in science, not marketing hype so their products really work. We love that everything in their wellness beauty collection is 100% vegan, cruelty-free, Made in the USA and formulated without gluten, parabens and sulfates.

Malibu C’s solution-driven collection features customized hair care kits for virtually every hair type that include Blondes Wellness, Color Wellness, Scalp Wellness, Hard Water Wellness and Swimmers Wellness, which is perfect since the two of us have very different hair types.

In addition to their handful sweetly scented wellness shampoo and conditioner duos, these hair care kits feature their signature Wellness Remedies, which are really the magic in the set.

These tiny, single-use packets are designed for weekly use and offer a powerful dose of Malibu C’s patented freshly-activated, crystallized vitamin complex which gently, yet effectively, remove damaging mineral build-up on the hair that are the primary cause of major hair challenges including color fading.

After just one use, our dull, summer-struck hair was instantly transformed and we noticed that our hair restored to a dramatically healthier condition with improved body and bounce plus a major dose of shine, which we definitely needed. We love these products because they just enhance our natural hair, making it overall more radiant, which is what we really want!

P.S. Happy 30th Birthday, Malibu C and cheers to you and wellness solutions that have become our “go-to” for making our hair care transition from summer to fall seamless in the glowiest way possible!

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