May Yoga // Sound Healing Session

Yoga therapist and instructor May Che offers incredible private sessions out of her quaint home studio in Culver City. This dynamic experience includes sound healing, yoga, and thai massage all in one! Integrating Thai yoga massage, May used her body weight and a hands on technique to really deepen our stretch. In final savasana (relaxation), May used this incredible Anti-Stress Massage Lotion that every yoga teacher needs to buy immediately. We were also able to experience her very special sound bowl healing, which left us feeling zen and rejuvenated. May uses beautifully hand-crafted metal bowls she acquired along her travels in the East. The sound created is similar to a gong and produces a vibrational energy that travels throughout your entire body. This experience is the epitome of relaxation, especially when your muscles and chakras are open after your yoga session. You'll walk out of May's studio feeling refreshingly at peace and naturally high.

Maya Mind Body //

Photography by: Emily Knecht