Meditation Buddy // Lucky Brand

For our last #MantraMonday with Lucky Brand, we shared "Partner Meditation." This practice that will add a good dose of mindfulness and connection into your life. Find a buddy and try it out. Meditation can be a struggle for some people to get into and commit to. We suggest you ease into it with “partner meditation,” which makes sitting upright more comfortable and fun, allowing both partners to drop into an even deeper mindful state. The experience can become quite intimate and helps to foster a beautiful connection of trust and support.

It’s super simple, sit back-to-back with a partner and lean against each other while you breathe…

1. Find a comfortable seated position back to back 2. Breathe in through your nose, filling up your belly, rib cage and chest 3. Breathe out through your nose first deflating your chest, ribcage then belly 4. Set timer for 10 minutes and chill out

Photography by: Nancy Neil