Moon Juice Cleanses are a juice feast, a holiday for the body, the ultimate indulgence. Juice cleansing naturally enables the body to detox while flooding it with live nutrients and enzymes. Learn our 5 #GLOWY tips to cleansing... hint, it includes EATING. We love Moon Juice, but since we both live in West Hollywood, it can be difficult to get to their locations in Silverlake, at the Downtown LA Ace Hotel and in Venice. Luckily they deliver the cleanse right to your door, FOR FREE. They even text you a picture of the delivery to make sure you know its there to bring it inside. Totally seamless. Moon Juice's cleanses provide a plentiful amount of certified organic, cold pressed, medicinal juice each day to keep your metabolism going, your organs supported, and your brain active so you can be fully fed and functioning.

Moon Juice gave us their "Rainbow Cleanse" to experience. We personally like to spread out the juices over a few extra days-- and integrate healthy, whole foods into the cleanse as well. A soup for dinner, an avocado or an apple for a snack, etc. The juices are delivered every two days to maximize freshness and minimize clutter in your fridge. The juice adds a huge boost of vitamins and nutrients into your system to make you feel more energized and clearer throughout your daily routine. The nut milks that come in the juice are all incredible. Drink them on their own or blend into a smoothie-- the point is that a "cleanse" doesn't have to be so rigid. Make it your own to suit your needs and your lifestyle.

1. Snack on healthy fruits and vegetables such as avocado, cucumber, apple, papaya
2. Get in some probiotics with sauerkraut / fermented vegetables + drink herbal teas like Nettle Tea and Camomile Tea
3. Warm up nut milks over the stove with some honey, cinnamon, and vanilla for a super satisfying, comfortable mug of deliciousness at the end of the day
4. Assist in the cleansing process by taking a hot yoga class, using a sauna, or sweating it out at a sweat lodge

5. Opt for light vegetarian soups for dinner -- mixed vegetable soups, purees, and miso soups are great options

Rainbow Cleanse | 1 Day

Flood your body with all the colors of the rainbow as you naturally detox and reset. Each day of the Rainbow Cleanse includes: 1 Gingered Lemon, 1 California Sun, 1 Goodness Greens, 1 Carrot, Lime & Coconut, 1 Beet Aid, 1 Cilantro Celery Punch, 1 Enzymatic Aloe Tonic, and 1 Moon Milk of choice (Hemp & Coconut, Hazelnut, or Pumpkin). You can also upgrade to any of their specialty milks for an additional $3/day-- think Vanilla Fig, Date Shake, Silver Strawberry (Mmm!)

**One of our favorite juice combinations was the Moon Juice Enzymatic Aloe + the Gingered Lemon-- perfect combo! Juice is delivered every 2 days so that you're always getting the freshest  product possible, and keeping clutter in your fridge to a minimum

All Moon Juice cleanses come with their exclusive thermal tote bag and Moon Juice Cleanse Guide. Visit their Cleanse Basics page for info on pre-cleanse steps to take 3-7 days before you begin.

Moon Juice // Venice -- Silverlake -- Downtown LA