Moon Juice Tonics

We invite you to jump on the Moon Tonic movement, a healing force and an etheric potion that will surely rock your world. 

Founded by Amanda Chantal Bacon, Moon Juice  is a neighborhood apothecary and beacon of expansion for those seeking out beauty, happiness, longevity and the art of cosmic living. Here, the unadulterated flavors of raw vegetables, fruits, petals, herbs, nuts, seeds and seaweed, are celebrated as some of the most extraordinary, transformative elements on earth. Their 100% organic, cold pressed juices, nut and seed milks, wild snacks, HEALTH TONICS and dusts make for a holistic experience that is truly otherworldly.

 In Ancient China, the Imperial Court kept Taoist physicians on hand to formulate remedies promoting longevity, beauty, sexual potency and expansion of the heart and mind. Moon Juice Apothecary founder Amanda unearthed these venerated elixirs, and, working with renowned Chinese Herbalist, Ramania Dean Thomas, distilled them into a selection of medicinal grade Moon Tonics and Dusts.

These transformative formulas are made with the most potent organic and wild-crafted herbs, adaptogenic plants and bioactive minerals available. They have been alchemized to work synergistically at the deepest level —to heal and enhance your beauty, brain, body, sexual energy, sleep, and spirit.

You can visit Moon Juice to stock up if you live in LA, otherwise stay tuned...the Moon Tonics will be available nationally at any day now!

Beauty // Brain // Sex  // Goodnight // Body // Heart // Spirit

Moon Beauty

This ancient empiric formula expands beauty through calming the nerves, increasing collagen and silica production, toning and firming tissue, and both hydrating and fortifying skin, hair, nails and cell membranes from the inside out. --Ingredients: Pearl, Goji, Schizandra, Rehmannia, Moon Drops (organic stevia and longan fruit)

Moon Brain

This adaptogenic potion lights up your brain and increases mental flow by feeding neurotransmitters and brain tissue. Neuron velocity and vision are fine tuned by toning the brain waves, in particular the alpha waves that connect to creativity. --Ingredients: Rhodiola, Astragalus, Gingko, Lion’s Mane, Maca, Shilajit, Moon Drops (organic stevia and longan fruit)

Moon Sex

The aphrodisiac warming potion will send waves of blood to all the right places. This is a holistic approach to deeply enjoyable sex and fertility for both men and women, supporting brain chemistry, hormone produc- tion, as well as glandular and fluid replenishment. --Ingredients: Epimedium, Ho Sho Wu, Schizandra, Cistanche, Cacao, Maca, Shilajit, Moon Drops (organic stevia and longan fruit)

Goodnight Moon

Good night nerves...good night brain...good night muscles. This nightcap tranquilizes blood flow, promotes natural melatonin release and stabilizes REM. As you sleep deeply and soundly your pancreas and liver are gently led to a nocturnal detox. --Ingredients: Polygala, Chamomile, Zizyphus, Schizandra, Moon Drops (organic stevia and longan fruit)

Moon Body

This power potion contains an impressive portfolio of bioactive minerals and protein. High concentration of calcium, phosphorus, and L-argine are key for tissue, muscle, bone construction and maintenance. Imbibe for athletic activity, injury, stressful times, and cortisol reduction! --Ingredients: Astragalus, Rhodiola, Eleuthero, Cacao, Maca, Shilajit, Moon Drops (organic stevia and longan fruit)

Moon Heart

Open the heart, literally and metaphysically, dilating capillaries, promoting the heart’s permeability. Strengthens the heart’s ability to accept and release. Contains rosamirinic acid and glycine which produce love feelings in the brain that melt right into your heart. --Ingredients: Longan, Reishi, Salvia (miltiorrhiza), Moon Drops (organic stevia and longan fruit)

Moon Spirit

This spirit medicine feeds harmony and extra sensory perception through pineal gland de-calcification and activation. These elements help sustain the physical body, uniting the mind and spirit to enhance an overall sense of confidence, awareness and appreciation. --Ingredients: Reishi, Pearl, Cinnamon Bark, Goji, Moon Drops (organic stevia and longan fruit)

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Photography by: Emily Knecht