Morgenstern's Finest Ice Cream

Morgenstern's Finest Ice Cream in NYC is one of our absolute favorite spots to get ice cream in the city. Owner Nicholas Morgenstern has created something really special and we couldn't be more OBSESSED. Nicholas opened Morgenstern's to put his own creative and contemporary twist on the traditional ice cream parlor. His texture-driven and small-batch ice cream is truly divine-- it's really his creativity with ingredients that brings out impeccable flavors you didn't even know you would love. Burnt Honey. Green Tea Pistachio. Angel Food Cake. Raw Milk. Vietnamese Coffee. These unique flavors and palates are mouth-watering!

Morgenstnern's menu is cleverly broken up into categories: Vanillas, Chocolates, Parlor Coffees, Caramels, Specials, and Sorbets. The "Ice Cream Standards" are stunning sundae-like preparations, if you're looking to go big. Now let's discuss the toppings... think honey, pickled pineapple, aleppo pecans, and our absolute favorite sesame caramel.

We met up with Nicholas at his awesome shop-- which he designed and built himself-- where we found ourselves having one of the best mid-day snacks of our lives. Nicholas whipped out our two favorites, Burnt Honey ice cream and Sesame Caramel Sauce, and started building up the ice cream cone of our dreams. Right on his pristene white countertops, he crafted 3 scoops on top of each other, topped it with a sugar-cone, and drizzled warmed caramel all over it.... as we say... GLOW BIG or go home.

If you're in NYC and looking for a milkshake for breakfast, sundae for lunch, or a cone for dinner, Morgenstern's has got you covered.

Morgenstern's Finest Ice Cream 2 Rivington Street NY NY 10002 (212) 209-7684 //