The Organic Pharmacy

Founded by a homeopathic pharmacist from London, the Organic Pharmacy is a medical dispensary offering a variety of organic products and services that will give you the glow.  Each product at the The Organic Pharmacy is free of toxic ingredients and mostly all organic, which can be hard to come by in many mainstream cosmetic lines. Not only does the Organic Pharmacy offer an array of incredible products, but they also offer a large menu of health services as part of their beauty clinic. Some of these services include: facials, health assessments, homeopathic consultation, female health treatments, infertility treatments, detox programs, body contouring, and body massage to name a few.

Tara was lucky enough to receive a Health Assessment at the Beverly Hills location. She started off by filling out a comprehensive form asking her about her daily routine, her health concerns, and her medical history. From there, she met with a homeopathic specialist where they reviewed her form and discussed her concerns from a holistic viewpoint--from a social, physical, and emotional standpoint (which is the homeopathic way of treatment). After this discussion, Tara was hooked up to a BioEnergetic device, where she placed her hands and feet on metal palates as well as frequency nodes placed on her forehead, which scan the body in 3 minutes.  The scan gives a detailed profile on vitamin and mineral deficiencies, toxicity, organ function, hormone balance, viruses, bacteria, fungus, parasites, digestive disorders, stress and food intolerance. This assessment is virtually a snapshot of what is going on in the body, similar to taking a blood test.

The homeopathic doctor interprets this scan, and informs you of the foods to avoid and foods to incorporate, as well as lifestyle adjustments that will help remedy your health concerns. Along with these lifestyle adjustments, homeopathic medicines are prescribed and directly formulated at the dispensary.  These remedies are specifically crafted to cater to each individual's health needs. This type of individual attention is certainly a luxury, but it's crucial to take the time to assess your healthy concerns to keep you glowing!

We love the fact that The Organic Pharmacy views health holistically--one pill or one cream won't fix the problem, only a comprehensive approach towards wellness will bring you the results you desire. They offer products and services which include:


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Photography by: Emily Knecht