VIDEO // Petecia Le Fawnhawk // Smudge Luv

It doesn't get much glowier than an afternoon picnic and smudge-wand-making in the park.

HOW YOU GLOW // Smudge Love Wands with Le Fawnhawk from How You Glow.

The gorgeous and incredibly talented Petecia Le Fawnhawk has been carefully and consciously developing her special smudge wand craft in the high desert of Arizona. She and her husband, a skilled painter, live a wonderfully creative existence dedicated to appreciating nature and turning the beauty around them into art.

We got together with Petecia and our friend Barrett for a #GLOWY day at Griffith Park, where we munched on an incredible set of snacks courtesy of Valleybrink Road. This idyllic setting was the perfect spot for us to get our hands on Petecia's foraged plants and flowers. Our eyes were in heaven as she showered us in stunning rose petals and intoxicatingly lovely smelling herbs. Each Smudge Luv wand is carefully made my hand, adorned with hand-picked foliage and studded with beauty... trust us, you need one of these in your home.

Le Fawnhawk explains, "This is the first time in my life I've 'let the coat tails fall' so to speak. I've taken this time to step back and take a long look at the big picture. My role as a human, woman and creator in the world as it is... and how I would like to experience and influence it. I feel I have a calling and responsibility to design and create to inspire and empower others to create and live sustainable, natural and beautiful lives in this world.

I've always loved to spend time in nature... curiously engaging in my environment. But only recently have I been inspired to go deeper into the experience... learning in depth of my environment, an infinite source of inspiration. Wandering vast landscapes and wildcrafting has become a meditation and a teacher and through this process the floral smudge wands took shape... they practically wove themselves!"

Petecia wildcrafts her Smudge Luv wands with compassion. "There has been a resurgence of sage smudging and consumption of wild sage (especially white sage) is currently being unethically over-harvested and it's having a negative impact. It takes three years for one sage plant to gestate, so it is important we bring awareness in all stages of creation... even if the end use is to serve with the highest of intentions."

Le Fawnhawk never gathers sage in the same spot twice, and as a result the smudge wands vary in blends depending on region. We love that every batch is unique and has its own story to tell! Nothing goes to waste in the Smudge Luv studio. With Petecia's almost compulsive mantra--'No flower left behind!'--all of the organic remnants that are left-over from weaving are sifted, sorted, kept, and stored.  With all of these precious plants saved up, she has been developing essences, salves and tinctures from the ingredients used for the floral smudge wands! The product, which will be for sale soon, is uniquely beautiful, calming and offers many medicinal qualities.

You can purchase Smudge Luv Wands on Petecia's Etsy Shop //

Video by: Sasha Young