Sarah Gibson Tuttle

Like us, Sarah Gibson Tuttle is obsessed with a good mani / pedi. So she set out to create the glowiest nail salon of all, Olive & June, named after her great-grandma and grandma, the Gibson women who taught her the importance of having high standards and a big heart. Before opening the Beverly Hills Olive & June flagship, Sarah was a New Yorker through and through. But eventually, L.A. with its blue skies and laid-back ways, wooed her out west.

But when it came to getting a manicure, the prospects were less than sunny. She searched high and low, but in the end it seemed like all the options were either too fancy-pants or too divey. Was a solid paint job and a little pampering in a relaxing and aesthetically pleasing environment so much to ask?  So Sarah decided to create exactly what she was looking for: the glowy as ever nail salon she could never find.

Sarah's just one of those girls that's in the glow. For being an LA transplant, she knows all the top glow spots and some (impressive) insider tips too!  We love the fact that she's spreading even more glow in LA through her beautiful creation Olive & June, and we can't wait for it to take over the nail world.


NAME: Sarah Gibson Tuttle


WHERE DID YOU GROW UP: We moved around a ton but my favorite stop was Steamboat Springs, Colorado.


BREAKFAST: Smoothie with Greek yogurt, fresh fruit, aloe and as much green stuff as I can stand.

LUNCH: Love a vegetable soup! Gazpacho is my fav.

DINNER: Usually a salad with tons of veggies, quinoa, and nuts. Love throwing grilled chicken in too.

SNACK: Raw nuts and dried fruit

WHAT ARE YOUR FAVORITE SPOTS/RESTAURANTS TO EAT HEALTHY? Anything from Erewhon and Cafe Gratitude, juices from Beverly Hills Juice Club, LA Juice and Juice Served Here, salads from La Scala, and anything but especially the spelt pizza from Farmer and the Cook in Ojai.

WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE INDULGENCE? Movie theater popcorn and candy. My favorite candy store is Edelweiss, down the street from Olive & June in Beverly Hills.

 WHAT ARE YOUR FAVORITE SPOTS/RESTAURANTS TO INDULGE? Apple Pan for French Fries and Banana cream pie. Every cookie they sell at Sprinkes. And pizza from Mozza. YUM!

WHAT WOULD BE YOUR LAST MEAL ON EARTH? Raw cookie dough. I never eat it and it’s absolutely ridiculous.

WHERE DO YOU GROCERY SHOP IN LA? Erewhon, Whole Foods and various farmers markets.

WHAT IS YOUR FITNESS REGIME? (HOW OFTEN & WHAT DO YOU GO) I am a regular at Hot 8 Yoga and I go 4-5x/week. I love any of the classes that Omar teaches - he’s amazing.

WHAT IS YOUR SKINCARE ROUTINE? (PRODUCTS, FACIALS, ETC.) I recently got a facial w Shani Darden and loved it. She understands skin so well. She also refused to sell me products until I tried all the samples she gave me, which was something I have never experienced. So I’m figuring out my routine right now but I’m totally starting to use retinol. Such a great preventative against aging and acne.

WHAT ARE YOUR FAVORITE NATURAL MAKEUP/ BEAUTY PRODUCTS? Odacite’s spa line (which we feature in the Margot Mani/Pedi at O&J)  - both the scrub and the lotion are divine. Tata Harper oils are such a wonderful indulgence. Earth Tu Face’s skinstick is the best organic chapstick.


1. Aquaphor

2. Cuticle Oil

3. Toothbrush

WHAT PROFESSIONAL BEAUTY/FITNESS/HEALTH GURUS DO YOU SWEAR BY? I look to friends and family who radiate and ask them what their secrets are. I love learning from the people around me, and from results I can see firsthand.

TOP 3 FAVORITE SONGS? Every song by Coldplay

MOST LIFE-CHANGING BOOK? Setting the Table by Danny Meyer

WHAT IS THE BEST GIFT YOU’VE EVER RECEIVED? My engagement ring from my husband. I love it so much.

DESCRIBE YOUR PERFECT DAY.  On a beachy vacation with my husband. Sleep in, a little yoga to start the day and then feet in the sand, book on my lap, watching the ocean waves roll in.

WHAT IS YOUR MOST VALUABLE BEAUTY TIP/SECRET?  The basics: Sleep, water and eating healthy.

WHAT MAKES YOU GLOW? My husband, our families, our amazing friends. When women love their experience at Olive & June. Seeing people smile and laugh. I love life and am so grateful for it.

Photography by: Jessica Chanen