Surya Love Bread

Let's face it people, life is better with bread. And Surya Love Bread is the solution to all of your gluten-free problems. Healing guru Martha Soffer has been baking this life-changing gluten-free, grain-free, sugar-free bread in her Surya Spa, for both her family and her clients to enjoy. After realizing just how special her creation is, Martha finally decided to make this highly craveable and wholesome loaf available to the public, and is selling it online for those in the know. Surya Love Bread is made from six ingredients — almond flour, a little coconut flour, organic amish eggs, coconut oil, baking powder, a little yuca flour, and filled with seasonal nuts and fruits like walnuts, figs and blueberries.  The fruit adds a natural sweetness and a lovely, moist consistency. Since there’s no grain, it’s very low in carbs, and very high in whole food protein. It’s perfect for breakfast, or for a fast, nutritious snack, or as a dessert. This bread is unlike anything you've tried before. For a real Ayurvedic treat, eat it lightly toasted with a bit of ghee and raw honey. Its also so yummy cubed and added to yogurt.

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Photography by: Chris Soffer