The Tappan Collective // 4 Steps to Create a Gallery Wall

The Tappan Collective has tapped into local art scenes across the world to curate a collection of cutting-edge work by the next generation of artists. We set out to create the perfect gallery wall with founder Chelsea Neman, which turned out #glowy as can be.

The Tappan Collective is an incredible online platform for discovering and collecting original work and limited edition prints by emerging artists. Its foundation is a simple e-commerce website, enhanced by other content to build context, support, and participation in the art of our time. With a strong pulse on the art scene across the country, The Tappan Collective has gained incredible momentum as a distinct brand. It's affordably priced art for emerging collectors and artists alike-- such a win-win situation!

This is truly what we love most about The Tappan Collective-- their mission to connect emerging artists to aspiring collectors. By tapping into various art communities across the world, they are able to offer a diverse yet personal and curated collection of the best works of art being produced today. Having art in your living environment is an essential part of glowing for us, and thankfully The Tappan Collective is making it more accessible to all. Take a browse through the site, you'll be sure to discover new artists and pieces to start your own gallery collection.

We had the pleasure of a personal house visit from the lovely Chelsea Neman, who came to Jessie's new spot to #glowify the white walls. She truly transformed her house into a home, as art has the capacity to do. Chelsea whipped up the most well-balanced and aesthetically pleasing gallery wall and we were totally in awe of her skills. We asked her to share some tips for you guys to get started if you're thinking about creating something similar in your own home. You can also reach out to her personally through Tappan Collective for her personal expertise!


Here's a step-by-step on how to create the perfect gallery wall, provided by The Tappan Collective for BuzzFeed

Hanging art on your walls seems like the kind of thing where you can just eyeball a good spot and hammer away. Well, at Tappan Collective, we believe there’s even an art to hanging your art. We’re about to school you on the basics of organizing all those eclectic pieces into an interior design dream haven. Let’s get started!

1. Choose an anchor piece. Usually, this is the largest one of them all. If you don’t have a statement piece, then stack a few pieces to be the center of attention.

2. Choose your baseline on the wall. This step acts as your outline. The entire space can depend upon your starting point, if you want it to—like taking into account where your furniture is positioned.

3. To begin hanging, use a level so that every piece is straight and aligned perfectly. These slight details are small, but they make all the difference.

4. Style, refined style that is, doesn’t hold prejudice to whatever your budget may be, how many pieces you have, or what your space is like. Everyone can exhibit a polished, sophisticated, and lovely abode through the smallest details.

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Photography by: Sasha Young