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TOMOKO, founded by Tomoko Kurono and designed by the infinitely talented Thea Segal and Dorianne Loshitzer of Thea Home, is a little slice of Japanese spa heaven in Beverly Hills. This experience makes for a VERY special glow gift or treat!

TOMOKO, located in Beverly Hills, is a high-end spa inspired by the service-oriented legacy of Japan. This is the most luxurious, detail-oriented, healing spa experience we've ever encountered. TOMOKO provides a calming & zen environment for spa therapy to soothe the contemporary stresses on mind, body and soul. If you really want to treat yourself to a #glowday, this is your place.

In 1999, Tomoko Kurono set out with a simple mission: search every corner of the world for the perfect treatment— a massage that could truly remove negative energy from her body and renew her spirit. Having been born to a mother who was her village’s healer in Osaka, Japan, Tomoko was raised with a deep understanding of the healing powers of chi (blood) and khi (energy). Tomoko’s calling was clear: to develop a new, unparalleled massage therapy that alleviated pain and promoted relaxation more effectively than a purely physical treatment. “I learned to do good for people,” she recalls, “To transcend physical technique and truly give from my heart.”

TOMOKO Spa offers a range of absolutely incredible Japanese-inspired treatments to heal the unique physical, mental and emotional requirements of each guest. All services include the highest-quality organic massage oils and fine aromas, and the service is unparalleled!! Prepare to be treated with the utmost care and attention; each tiny detail of the experience is PERFECT. From organic roasted brown rice tea, to water with fresh mint-infused ice cubes, to mouth-watering Mochi and coconut jelly imported directly from Japan, Tomoko has incorporated specific touches into this experience that you will remember forever.

One of their most lust-worthy treatments is the "Japanese Couples Experience," which includes the Ashiyu Detox Foot Soak to calm the tension of your feet and body, then the Ofuro Japanese natural bath treatment along with the 60/80 minutes of  “Tomoko Massage” in a private suite with private shower and tub. The treatment is followed up with fresh sushi (from SUGARFISH!), organic green tea and Japanese fine sweets and confections. In our books, this is quite possibly one of the glowiest ways to spend some time with your loved-ones.

Aside from the high-quality treatments, what makes this spa so special is the magnificent design. TOMOKO is the first spa conceived of by the duo behind Thea Home (Thea Segal + Dorianne Loshitzer) in collaboration with their architectural design consultant Tal Naor. Each element of the space is designed in terms of its functionality, beauty, and serenity, while staying true to Japanese style and culture. The private rooms are fitted with tatami mats, hinoki tubs, and custom hardwood floors to evoke a sense of Japan. The “living room” is furnished with custom-made furniture by Dorianne and Thea which warm up the space creating an inviting environment that is difficult to leave. The space itself is meant to architectural mimic the 'T' shape of a Japanese kimono and the walls are adorned with Anna Ullman's art... can you get anymore #glowy?

Our friends at Thea Home truly inspire us. This mother-daughter duo epitomize hard-work, love, and #glow. Thea Segal, founder and creative director of Thea Home, has dedicated nearly 25 years to the design and production of state of the art home furniture, creating environments that are beautiful, unique, and timeless. Born and raised in Israel by a European artist renowned for her playful, arts and crafts-style work, Thea combines her sophisticated European sensibility with an artistic appreciation for color, particularly a muted palate, style, and design. Dorianne Loshitzer, Thea's daughter, grew up around this incredible design aesthetic, but initially went on to pursue her passion for cooking. After earning her Bachelor of Arts degree from New York University and studying at the Cordon Bleu in Paris, she worked as a chef at an esteemed restaurant in Los Angeles. But Dorianne realized her calling was in interiors, so she joined forces with her mom, bringing her sharp eye for design and a fresh approach to the Thea Home brand. Dorianne manages the marketing, public relations, and business development of Thea Home, while also bringing to the company her own design aesthetic and custom furniture work.

TOMOKO Spa is a treat for all of the senses-- from it's design, to its service, to its treatments-- everything about this spa spells out GLOW.

TOMOKO Spa 141 South Beverly Drive Beverly Hills, California 90212 (310)205-7300 //
Thea Home, Inc. 11629 Vanowen Street #7 North Hollywood, California 91605 //

Photography by: Emily Knecht