U Studio Yoga

U Studio Yoga, run by the glowing yogi Andrea Marcum, is a hidden gem in LA's Miracle Mile. Housed on the 5th floor of an Art Deco high-rise, this unique yoga studio will most certainly elevate your vibes. Andrea Marcum has turned a cozy loft space into U Studio Yoga, a place for serious yogis who want to deepen and intensify their practice in an intimate setting. You get the feeling that almost everyone who comes to U Studio becomes a "regular"; newcomers are welcomed in with open arms, and its easy to see why people keep coming back.

In addition to the beautiful teaching--Andrea's challenging-yet-gentle style makes for a truly well-rounded class--the setting is quite glowy as well. Practicing yoga on the 5th floor of a building is certainly not commonplace in LA, and you're rewarded with a view. Looking out onto the hills while standing in your warrior 2 is calming, peaceful, and transporting; the traffic humming below is also oddly comforting and reminiscent of our favorite New York studios.

Here is a video of Andrea in her studio, giving you a little more insight into her philosophy:


U STUDIO YOGA 5410 Wilshire Blvd, 5th Fl Los Angeles, CA 90036 // www.ustudioyoga.com