VIDEO // Pamela Salzman's Almond Butter Millet Blondies

Decadent yet light and guilt-free-- Pamela Salzman does it again with her Almond Butter Millet Blondies. These bad boys are Gluten-free and just the right amount of sweet! Watch the video to see just how easy they are to whip up at home...and then make them to see how insanely good they taste!

HOW YOU GLOW // Pamela Salzman's Almond Butter Millet Blondies from How You Glow

We LOVE these Almond Butter Millet Blondies and you will too. They're packed full of protein-- Millet flour is an incredibly nutritious flour full of protein, essential amino acids, and dietary fiber. And the almond butter adds in an extra kick of protein, too. The consistency of these blondies is perfect, moist and dense without weighing you down. They last well in the refrigerator and even freeze, perfect to heat up when you want a quick sweet treat.


Video by: Sasha Young