VIDEO // Pamela Salzman's Fish in Parchment

Fresh, Easy, Fast, and Healthy--just how we like our meals. This Fish in Parchment recipe is one of our favorite ways to cook up an impressive dish at home for ourselves and guests alike.

HOW YOU GLOW // Pamela Salzman's Fish in Parchment from How You Glow.

Pamela Salzman 's Mediterannean take on fish in parchment paper is super delicious. The sungold tomatoes just burst with brightness, the perfect complement to the flavorful garlic, capers and herbs. This simple but sophisticated RECIPE will become a staple in your kitchen, and you can mix it up by using different seasoning / vegetable combinations to the fish. It's super healthy too because of the baking process, which doesn't require extra oil. Opening up this steaming hot package of yumminess feels like unwrapping a special gift.

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Video by: Sasha Young