Yoga Twists // Yoga Zeal

Yoga twists are an incredible way to detoxify your body and nurture the health of your spine and organs. Learn two easy twists you can do on the daily, and see our current favorite yoga mats to get your chill on. Done regularly, twists promote digestive health, a faster metabolism and more mobility in your back and torso. Here are two easy ones that you can do anytime, anywhere. Part of enjoying your yoga practice is having a sacred space to practice in, which also means a very GLOWY mat that you love. We have found the mat of our dreams and they're made by Yoga Zeal. These uber soft, beautifully designed mats have become part of our home decor. We leave the mat unrolled on the ground at all times, encouraging us to take a few moments throughout the business of the day to stretch and TWIST.


1. Sit tall with your sitz bones (the bones of your pelvis) rooting into the ground and the crown of your head lifting up towards the sky.

2. Bring your right knee into your chest. Keep your left leg active on the ground and the left foot flexed. Hug your knee in close to your belly, make sure your right foot is completely grounded.

3. Inhale, lifting your left arm high up in the air, as you exhale bring your right arm behind you to the ground or a block and the left arm to the outside of your right leg.

4. BREATHE deeply into your belly and your spine. Inhale as you sit up taller, exhale as you twist deeper. For an extra release, on the inhale, silently say "let",  and as you exhale silently say "go."

Take at least five rounds of breath here and then switch sides.


1. Stand on your mat with your feet hips width apart, grounding through both feet evenly. Feet rooting down, spine rising up through the crown of the head.

2. Inhale to circle the arms above you, touching the palms together. As you exhale, swan dive to forward fold, bending the knees slightly especially if your hamstrings are tight.

3. Inhale, bringing your hands to your shins, lengthening your spine, crown of the head lengthens forward, hamstrings lifting up, collar bones widen, feet root down.

4. Bring your left hand to the outside of your left calf. Inhale reach your right arm high, extending and spreading the right fingers. *** If this is too deep, use a block in the center, a few inches in front of your feet and keep your left hand pressing down on the block as you lift your right arm.

5. Inhale to lengthen the spine, exhale to twist deeper. Take at least five rounds of breath here and then switch sides.

#glowtip: You always want to inhale to lengthen your spine, sitting up nice and tall, and then exhale as you twist. Working with your breath will make the twist safer and allow you to open more deeply, optimizing the effects of the pose.

Yoga clothes by: Electric & Rose, Yoga studio: Love, A Yoga Space

Photography by: Emily Knecht