Having a GLOWY pup takes a little extra time and effort, but it's worth it! Tara just recently got a dog named Soba, and sought high and low for the best of the best for her new addition to the family.

When it comes to raising a puppy, the first few months are key. When raising a well-rounded dog, it's really important to create positive impressions all while training your k-9 mate to fit your lifestyle. Socialization is also really paramount in creating a pup that is comfortable with other dogs as well as people and commands. From there on, it's also key to give your pup the most nutritious and healthy foods, as not all dog food is created equal. When it comes to toys, products, leashes and more, there's no need to buy the conventional crazy-colored and neon-plastic stuff. Here’s a roundup of our GLOW Pup approved products.

MAX BONE // A sophisticated line designed for your dog with you in mind, Max & Bone really has some of the chicest stuff you can find for your dog. We love our neutral colored grey/beige dog bed that fits right into the aesthetic of our home, and our dog loves it too! We also love our beige cashmere cable knit blanket that our dog sleeps with every night.

JAX & BONES // This eco-friendly dog company specializing in luxury bedding and adorable and durable dog toys and accessories. We love their rope toys, especially the peace symbol and hearts.

FARMER'S DOG //  A smarter, healthier pet food, made fresh with real food and delivered to your door. The food is pre-portioned made with human-grade USDA ingredients, with less processing, natural nutrients, and higher safety standards. The process starts with a personalized quiz about your dog, and from there they create a ready-to-serve plan just for your dog and their needs. We love this is is just real food, never deep frozen or stored on a shelf.

SOCIALIZATION CLASSES // Positive socialization is super key in the beginning of a dog's life. That's were KARMA DOG TRAINING comes in. They believe in positive reinforcement training, offering the dog empowering and positive experiences that teach them a positive way of life. We signed up for 8 weeks of puppy kindergarten socialization/play/teaching class and really feel like it made our dog super happy and in love with people and other dogs!

JAPANESE DOG TOYS // Our dog is Japanese in origin, so we've decided to mostly buy just Japanese inspired dog toys such as a matcha tea pot, sushi roll, nigiri, geisha shoes, and mochi :) She loves them!

MAZE BOWL // For pups who eat too quickly (shoutout to Soba!), it's important to slow them down from scarfing down their food too quickly. Mazebowls are a godsent and make sure that your pup actually chews their food.

MUNGO & MAUD // These accessories take into consideration a chic and contemporary home.

ORIJEN DOG FOOD // Kibbles are important for dogs who have strong teeth, so we sought high and low for the best ones around. These kibbles are Biologically Appropriate, designed to nourish dogs to their evolutionary adaptation to a diet rich and diverse in fresh meat and protein. Their blends include fresh free-run poultry, whole nest-laid eggs, whole wild-caught fish and ranch-raised meats – farmed or fished in our region by people we know and trust, and delivered to our kitchens daily so they’re brimming with goodness.

FOUND MY ANIMAL // These are our favorite chic leashes + collars. The brand's mission is to raise awareness of the urgent need for animal adoption.

CRATE // If you're looking to crate train your dog (we ended up letting your puppy sleep with us, and it's the best), here is a great one.

BOCCE'S BAKERY // The glowiest dog biscuits around. We love these biscuits when we want our pup to have a little snack. The flavors include Bone Broth, Lavender Tea, and Turmeric Latte. They are oat based treats, and have nothing but simple and real ingredients.

BIXBI POCKET TRAINERS // We love these soft dog treats that are easily breakable, which comes in handy when you're trying to train your puppy. They are grain free, wheat free, soy free, and low in calorie, so you can give multiple treats a day.

COUCH PROTECTION // It's key to protect your couches, but in a chic way. No one wants to look like grandma's house. We've bought these cable knits from Amazon and love them.

ESSENTIAL OILS // We love putting a tiny tab of essential oils on our pup to give her an extra glowy scent, of course ONLY organic and food grade and the highest quality possible (and never near the eyes). Place a few drops on your palms and then lightly massage it on their body, and be sure to not touch their eyes. Nothing like super high quality essential oils to give her some calm vibes and make your pup smell nice.

DOG BANDANAS // Our favorite accesories, made by DONNI, aren't only for humans! Their neck-scarves make the perfect accessory for pups too!